On 27th June 2020 I attended the GP for a routine scan prior to the suggested placement for the Mirena coil. During the scan they found a 6.5cm blood filled cyst, described as complex with septations, and low echoes. I was originally put on a 2 week referral through to a Gynecologist.

I then received a telephone call on the Friday requesting that I attend the following Monday for a for blood test, known as the CA125 test. My result showed my markers were slightly elevated at 39 (normal is considered between 0-35) my referral then got pushed from a 2 week contact, to contact within 5 days. I am 46 years young, a mother to four girls, two of my own and step mother to two from a new relationship. The anxiety then took over. My world had been turned on it’s head , I catastrophized the situation and I was convinced I had Ovarian Cancer.

I then did the worst thing I could have done – I visited Dr Google and spent hours on the internet trying to find someone in a similar situation. I was not actually looking for negative things I was hoping to find some positive stories, experiences from others in a similar situation. It became very clear that these examples were few and far between, all I could find was doom and gloom.

Everything pointed at Ovarian Cancer, almost every symptom I had ticked all of the ovarian cancer boxes. I stopped eating, I was so stressed, felt constantly sick, my stomach was bloating, I had bowel issues, I was peeing constantly and my back and hips were excruciatingly painful – I was convinced I had something nasty. Pain relief was not helping at all.

My head became my worst enemy and Dr Google followed closely behind. All I could do was lay on the sofa watching everyone else go about their day, unable to join in. My silent thoughts were my worst enemy, I got very very low.

I am normally an active person, constantly on the go, usually I am a positive person and able to see a way through most challenges and adversity. This felt different it set my mind off on a path I wasn’t used to. After weeks of broken sleep, unable to eat, constant research I decided I would use my time to research alternative natural remedies and healing – could there be ways to help cysts/cancer through diet? This was my turning point and helped me a lot as it gave me a sense of control back, it was my body and I needed to give it the best possible nurture and food to heal. Being back in control saved me.

I went on to research ovarian cysts, each and every type (there are many). I trawled facts and figures (including mortality rates) and tried to furnish myself with as much information as I could. This is not for everyone as some information was less than positive, but I personally needed the full picture to be able to move forward.

This research led to a tweak of my diet – boy I missed some things but was willing to try anything.

I went to see my Consultant and the cyst was still there staring back at me, no change, if anything had possibly grown slightly, my Consultant said it had white nodules which she couldn’t rule out as being something more sinister. The increase in size was difficult to tell because they are measured slightly differently by different Sonographers. Either way it wasn’t great news, I was praying it would shrink.

I discussed all the options with my Consultant and asked all the questions I needed, I still didn’t have the answers but resigned myself to the fact that until they cut it out, and had a look I would not know what the outcome was likely to be, but at least things were moving the right direction. My Consultant wanted to book surgery then and there, at that current time surgery could be organised within weeks.

Wow – I needed get my head around all this, she gave me a leaflet about Laparoscopy. I asked my consultant if I could have a repeat CA125 blood test (as the one they did was during menstruation, this is known to affect the results) I requested return to her in two weeks to scan again to see if any changes and to then book surgery. I needed time to plan and get my head around what she had told me, and to get my ship in order at home. I knew surgery could potentially be a lengthy healing process and wanted things to be organised so I didn’t have additional worries. I also discussed with the Consultant that I had been exploring alternative remedies (Ginger and Lemon) and that if nothing else it would help boost my immune system prior to surgery, with Covid 19 being around this wouldn’t be a bad thing.

My Consultant didn’t make comment on my alternative remedies but she was happy that it wouldn’t hurt me, I got the impression she was not a believer but if it helped me mentally then it wasn’t a bad thing. Me requesting a two week return was welcomed by my Consultant, she was satisfied that a two week wait if it were to be Cancer would not make a difference.

After two c-sections I knew how painful surgery can be, although everyone is different any surgery comes with a level of discomfort and recuperation. I wanted to be prepared at home as much as I could be.

REIKI – I have a good friend who is a Reiki practitioner, she kindly offered me a free treatment. It really helped reduce my stress and anxiety and helped me to relax.

I noticed the chronic back pain I had been having was easing a little, but was still there to remind me to carry on being good to myself. I was blessed and grateful it had eased a little as the pain had been really getting me down. Walking was unbearable my hips ached, my lower back felt like I had been kicked.

I followed up on the results of my CA125 test, the receptionist initially refused to tell me, she said she was not qualified to give the me the results and my Consultant was in surgery all day. It was Friday afternoon (amazing how these results fall just before a weekend). Once again I was faced with another weekend of waiting for results and the anxiety that goes with it. The receptionist who I am eternally grateful to, broke the rules and gave me the result to ease my increasing anxiety – GREAT NEWS it had lowered from 39 to 29. I knew this wasn’t me out of the woods, but it was a positive and gave me the chance to shed some anxiety and enjoy the weekend at least. It was a positive for me.

On the 23rd July 2020 I returned to my Consultant ready for my repeat scan (transvaginal) third one in a month, and ready to book the Laparoscopy.

I got undressed and proceeded to get on to the table of doom, ready to be prodded and poked again…… The Consultant carried out the scan- her response “I can’t see it?” – Well…… my mind raced!!!!

She looked super confused. After a bit more poking and searching she announced “I think it’s shrunk!! I am very surprised, I wasn’t expecting that but it seems to have sorted itself!” She did an abdominal scan also to make sure and yes, the very last bits of it remained, with a bruise on my right ovary from where I had ovulated this time. My repeated CA125 had dropped to 29 and my Consultant said she wasn’t expecting those results but was pleased and would be discharging me.

The relief and jubilation I felt I can not explain. I feel I am blessed and have been given a new life and a chance to change my lifestyle and eating habits – I try to stay positive now each day, limit my stress and be grateful for the simple things. I do still have back pain, this is still being investigated (I had a car accident just prior to finding the Cyst) so it could be related to both things.

Who knows if any of the alternative remedies/practices helped me? In my mind they did. From my research blood filled cysts can go on their own, but it is less common for them to do so. I believe these therapies helped to resolve mine. There is definitely more research needed on this.

From the very start I wanted to turn my experience into something positive and be able to help others whatever my outcome was. I see daily on other support sites how many women struggle with diagnosis and the waiting and worry that comes with it. The aim of this site is for women to connect and share stories, especially positive experiences in the hope that some of the worry and anxiety we all feel is diminished. Stress is known to be the cause of lots of medical issues, so if this can be reduced we all have a far better chance of self healing.

I created this site for woman to communicate with one another and to share their experiences, to support each other through whatever they are facing. I will ensure this site is a source of support for all women who join it. Any abusive or aggressive behaviour will NOT be tolerated and comments of this nature removed.

DISCLAIMER: All information on this site is from personal experience, the public internet and others personal journeys. I am not a medical professional and this information is based on my research of other readily available information and my own personal journey. I take no responsibility for anyone trying alternative therapies without seeking medical advice from an approved health care provider beforehand.

Please feel free to visit the area on this site SHARING STORIES AND EXPERIENCES and let’s all help each other.

Stay strong ladies.

Love and healing prayers to you all 🙏💗