Helping woman with ovarian cysts

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A place for updates, new information, links to other useful sites etc….


  1. Faye

    Hey everyone, the site is still in its early days…. please stick with me as I still have lots to add. 🙂

  2. Ellie May

    Looking forward to updates 😊

  3. Faye

    Hey all, just wanted to post a quick update. I am still working on the website to make it informative and supportive for all those going through hard times with ovarian cysts. Please share with your friends and family.

    Back pain – I have suffered badly with back pain partly due to cysts and from car accident I had early June, however I have finally found some relief. My physio suggested a TENS machine …Amazon here I come :0) – I found one for less than £30 and I plug it in just before I go to sleep for 30 mins. Well I feel like a new woman and having the best two nights sleep I have had in months !!!

    Please share any tips on here ladies so we can all help each other –

    Love and hugs to you all

    Faye x

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